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Agriculture has changed dramatically, especially since the end of World War II. Food and fiber productivity soared due to new technologies, mechanization, increased chemical use, …Read More

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About Aryan International


Aryan International is a top manufacturer and a leading dealer of hundreds of organic agro products and along with that, it is also an elite Agro Commodities exporter of India since more than 15 years exporting goods to various countries such as Australia, Nepal, various African countries and many others. Being a top exporter of organic products, highest quality at reasonable rates is one and only priority of us.

Agriculture has changed dramatically, especially since the end of World War II. Food and fiber productivity soared due to new technologies, mechanization, increased chemical use, specialization and government policies that favored maximizing production.

Although these changes have had many positive effects and reduced many risks in farming, there have also been significant costs. Prominent among these are topsoil depletion, groundwater contamination, environmental hazards, human & animal health hazards, the decline of family farms, continued neglect of the living and working conditions for farm laborers, increasing costs of production, and the disintegration of economic and social conditions in rural communities.

A growing movement has emerged during the past two decades to question the role of the agricultural establishment in promoting practices that contribute to these social problems. Today this movement for sustainable agriculture is garnering increasing support and acceptance within mainstream agriculture. Not only does sustainable agriculture address many environmental and social concerns, but it offers innovative and economically viable opportunities for growers, laborers, consumers, policymakers and many others in the entire food system.

Food production should never come at the expense of human health. Since sustainable crop farms avoid hazardous pesticides, they’re able to grow fruits and vegetables that are safer for consumers, workers, and surrounding communities.

Sustainability rests on the principle that we must meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Sustainable agriculture integrates three main goals–environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

Mission & Vision

Aryan International believes in creating a better and HEALTHY India by using the gift of Mother Nature without making any alterations in them. The company believes in
bringing genuine and quality products to its customers. As every big dream is achieved with many small hands ,the company wants to extend a hand towards you in order to work with you wherein both the companies can utilize each other’s expertise and make a difference altogether

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